Welcome to FinFolio. As a way of introducing you to our company, I would like to discuss several things that motivated me to start FinFolio:

Advisers. I started my professional career working with financial advisers providing technical support for portfolio management software. Even then I considered myself a budding entrepreneur and felt a kinship with independent advisers, who are necessarily entrepreneurial themselves. When I sat down to plan out this company, there was never any doubt who we would be serving. We view our relationship with our clients as a true partnership.

Maturity. In prior companies we have delivered portfolio management solutions to developing firms, which need the same level of support as more established firms although the practicalities of their budget dictate many compromises. With FinFolio I am committed to delivering a truly great product and want fewer limitations in our service levels. This means partnering with mature firms that evaluate technology expenditures over an extended planning horizon.

Values. I have worked with and founded startups my entire career. Most were funded by some form of investment capital, the nature of which pushes rapid growth and favorable exit opportunities to the forefront. FinFolio has not raised venture capital and we are growing the firm at a steadier pace, focusing on core values, and putting all of our energy into our product.

Technology. Many companies build software that is "good enough" then fall back into a maintenance mode. With FinFolio the software comes first—continual, relentless iterations well past the point where others would stop. We're not just building portfolio management software. This is our legacy, something the stakeholders can point to proudly ten, twenty or thirty years down the road as the pinnacle of our careers. This technology will outlive us.

Now that you know my motivation, here are our goals:

  1. Build the best portfolio management software in the industry.
  2. Grow a sustainable company dedicated to serving investment advisers.
  3. Act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.

It's just that simple.

Matt Abar
July 2015