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REST API for wealth management and trading

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wealthapi.jpg is a stand-alone REST API for professional wealth managers and their technology teams. Easily create client portals or wealth management apps using our well-documented APIs. 
  • Stores households, clients, accounts, & securities
  • 100+ financial calculations
  • Rebalance, trade & order management
  • Client billing & payouts
  • 25+ broker & custodian imports
  • Multi-currency engine handles stocks, bonds, fixed income, options and more
  • Detailed, interactive documentation that builds your API calls
  • Integrated job runner for queuing multiple or recurring API calls
  • Install on your own hardware or have FinFolio host it
  • Reconcile your own daily imports or have FinFolio manage them
  • Run stand-alone or with the FinFolio portfolio management app

Building the next big thing in #fintech or #wealthtech?  We are improving the experience of building wealth management apps and have done the heavy lifting for you. Our REST API handles the mechanics of portfolio management and trading, letting you focus on your product, getting to market faster and saving development time.



What does the API do? 

100+ Calculations

Over 100 financial calculations, which can be run at the household, strategy, client or account levels.

Tax Engine

Tax engine calculates cost and gains, allowing harvesting and tax sensitive rebalancing.


Powerful filters and groupers for slicing and dicing your portfolios. Model "what-if" scenarios like before/after rebalancing.


Work with raw JSON data or run pre-configured reports in HTML or PDF. Build reports using 20+ report components.


Rebalance to powerful models with multiple target tiers (e.g. asset class), model-of-models, tolerance brackets, purchase orders and more.


SMA trading with strategies, and
UMA trading with multiple sleeves across one or more accounts.

Order Management

Buy/sell blocks for individual securities. Order management with block trading via FIX, supporting tradeaways and step outs

Trade Compliance

Pre-trade compliance with equivalency sets, rounding rules, security holding periods, etc.


Fee schedules support billing tiers, single payments, asset class-specific fees, etc. In-advance or arrears with flexible debit options.


Payouts let you assign role-based payout schedules and distribute fees across a network of stakeholders.

Custodial Imports

25+ custodial imports including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing, Fidelity and more.

Held-Away Assets

Import from aggregators including Quovo, ByAllAccounts, DST and more.






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