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FinFolio adds HCO Private Wealth as portfolio management software platform client

4/28/2017  FinFolio’s outsourced investment management platform offers FIX connectivity and algorithmic real time trading of portfolios including sleeve level strategy management . FinFolio has been deployed to HCO Private Wealth and is now in general use at the firm.

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FinFolio adds Gravity Investments as Portfolio Management Software Platform Client

9/22/2016 - FinFolio's outsourced portfolio management software with REST API is key to Gravity Investment's decision.

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FinFolio Adds Portfolio Reporting Distribution Options

1/9/2015 - FinFolio adds new Outlook integration to its Report Wizard, making it easy to compile and send reports electronically. In addition to running client reports and saving them as a Word, PDF, and CSV or directly into SharePoint, FinFolio’s Client Portal technology, users may now send client reports and packages directly to Outlook via an encrypted password protected PDF attachment.

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FinFolio Adds Windows™ PowerShell Integration

11/26/2014 - Using Windows™ PowerShell’s open framework in conjunction with FinFolio’s WorkStation software, administrators and operations teams can easily schedule and automate a firm’s entire custodial data file import process. PowerShell’s command console allows users the option of importing data files into FinFolio’s database to the specific status desired, posted or pending.

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FinFolio Adds Cost Reconciliation Functionality

10/16/2014 - FinFolio has recently added new functionality to their portfolio management software suite. FinFolio has released into production a new reconciliation wizard which assists asset management firms in calculating and reconciling cost basis data.

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Tillerman Securities, Ltd. Goes Live on FinFolio's Multi-currency Portfolio Management Software

11/20/2013 - Off-shore broker/dealer utilizes FinFolio's multi-currency, trading/rebalancing, portfolio management and client reporting functionalities.

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Lyons Wealth Goes Live on FinFolio's Portfolio Management Software

9/18/2013 - Tactical fund manager Lyons Wealth Management sought out a multi-custodian enabled portfolio management solution that had flexibility in order to incorporate their multi-faceted business model of providing asset management services to both the advisor and individual investor communities.

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LOGe goes live on FinFolio's Portfolio Management Software

7/29/2013 - FinFolio, Inc. a leading innovator in the portfolio management software industry today announced that LOGe Solutions LLC is live on FinFolio's WorkStation wealth management solution. LOGe Solutions selected FinFolio to improve portfolio management efficiencies utilizing FinFolio’s WorkStation software coupled with their outsourcing partner...

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FinFolio and BaySys Technology Enter into Strategic Partnership

5/9/2013 - FinFolio, a portfolio management software provider, enters into a strategic partnership with BaySys Technology, an outsourcing service provider, to bring a complete fully outsourced portfolio management solution to the RIA and Asset Management market.

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Raising The Bar

3/6/2013 - After maintaining a very low public profile over the past year or so, [FinFolio] will likely be much more visible in financial advisory circles this year. [The application], which already has a loyal following among a select group of advisory firms, is capable and robust, but it is not the core functionality of the application that will create the buzz in the months ahead.

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FinFolio & Trade Warrior form Stategic Partnership

2/10/2013 - FinFolio, a portfolio management software provider and Trade Warrrior, a rebalancing software provider, anounce completion of integration.

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1/26/2013 - FinFolio, Inc. an innovative provider of portfolio management software for the RIA and asset management marketplace

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Index Funds Advisors Selects FinFolio

11/6/2012 - FinFolio today announced that Index Funds Advisors (IFA) has gone live on FinFolio’s portfolio management software. IFA uses FinFolio Workstation to manage $1.6 billion in client assets across more than 1,750 clients.

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FinFolio is a serious contender

2/10/2012 - FinFolio, which I wrote about three years ago, has now launched with 20 RIAs and it’s a serious contender

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FinFolio is hiring top sales talent

11/8/2010 - Both companies see plenty of ready buyers for next-gen portfolio management systems. In a sign of increasing momentum – not to mention competition — among emerging providers of portfolio management systems, FinFolio is hiring its first national sales director

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FinFolio is rewarding loyal Techfi customers as beta period ends

5/14/2010 - Matt Abar is rewarding his most diehard followers, those who stuck with him and his software through a start-up, a merger, an orphaning and now another start-up. The conversion to FinFolio Workstation 2010 will be free for current Techfi users

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New portfolio management software available for advisers, money managers

5/9/2010 - Today marks the debut of FinFolio Workstation 2010, the first entirely new [portfolio management] software for investment advisers launched in nearly a decade

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FinFolio sizzles at the T3 conference

2/19/2010 - Nevin Freeman and I arrived late this afternoon at the Technology Tools for Today conference in time for the last break-out session of the day. We chose to ease into the action by attending a breakout session presented by Matt Abar of Finfolio

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The executive Advent bought is back with a vengeance

12/2/2009 - The executive Advent (ADVS) bought and buried is back with a vengeance. Matt Abar's second act looks formidable, say beta clients and industry experts

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Challenging PortfolioCenter and Axys Dominance

12/1/2009 - Financial Advisor Magazine includes FinFolio in an article discussing portfolio management options for investment advisors. The article says "a few apps have risen up to challenge Schwab PortfolioCenter and Advent (ADVS) Axys dominance"

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Unprecedented flexibility and power, with an intuitive interface

11/19/2009 - Nevin Freeman at does a technical review of FinFolio Workstation. He was "very impressed" and thinks we "may rock the boat with FinFolio."

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Breaking Gridlock?

2/2/2009 - Financial Advisor Magazine revisits FinFolio after a year and previews our alpha release. The article goes into depth about FinFolio's functionality and where they expect us to exceed the competition.

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Unfinished Business

2/1/2008 - Financial Advisor Magazine talks about the birth of a new portfolio management company. The article discusses the final days of Techfi before and after the Advent sale and paints a hopeful picture of a FinFolio future.

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