While FinFolio isn't a full CRM (customer relationship management) system, we have several features that may make a CRM unnecessary. Unlimited custom fields let you build your own screens with user-defined information. Integrated notes allow you to track categorized histories on all folios and color-coded groups let you easily categorize entities.

Friendly in-app walkthroughs introduce new users to every major feature. We hold your hand through printing reports, trading, billing, and creating client portals. A friendly support team is ready to help, and attend our weekly webinars for regular refreshers.

We worked with UX designers for a year before starting development on FinFolio 2.0. We adopted Google's Material Design app framework which lets us make a single app that works on desktops, tablets and phones. You can run your business on a tablet as easily as you can your desktop.

The "out of the box" experience for new users is wonderful. Integrated walkthroughs show off key app functionality and hold users' hands when they are just getting started. Employees can be productive immediately with little or no training.