No matter what your trading strategy, FinFolio streamlines and integrates trading into the rest of your back office. Our tax-sensitive rebalancing engine lets you manage your households using sophisticated target models. Monitor drift from your model targets, make tactical trades, and execute trades directly with brokers via our order management system


Rebalance thousands of accounts in minutes, case-by-case or automatically on a regular schedule. Review drift and other stats before trading.


A household can have several strategies, each spanning multiple accounts, respecting tax differences and other account boundries.

UMA Sleeves

Maintain multiple sleeves within a single account. At report time the sleeves abstract away the details of security ownership.

Rules & Restrictions

Set trade and position minimums, security equivalencies, rounding rules, minimum holding periods, and compex trade restrictions.

Directed Trades

Do tactical trades outside of your models. Buy, sell, or exchange securities based on account, position, class, sector percentages and more.

Tiered Models

Multi-level models allow unlimited branching. Tier models by asset class, then sector, then industry or other combinations.

Cash Management

Specify cash reserves in individual client accounts, allocate new cash, or raise cash for withdrawal.

Model of Models

Model of models can contain other sub-models. Use this in combination with the other strategies for extreme flexibility.

Tax Efficient

Rebalancing is sensitive to your account type, holding country, and unrealized gains and losses in each position.

Harvest Gains

Friendly tax screens allow you to harvest gains or losses across entire accounts or lot-by-lot.

Asset Location

Trade intelligently to take advantage of tax-deferred and tax-exempt accounts for placement of securites.


Track drift from target for all strategies and make trades to bring them back into balance.

Straight-Through Trade Processing

Send your trades via flat files or block and trade in real-time over FIX.


A confirmation step allows your compliance department to monitor and approve all trades.

Real-Time Pricing

FinFolio has integrations with numerous price sources for real-time pricing on NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, IDX and more.

Full Integration

FinFolio is one integrated app, so no need to synchronize with CRM or Reporting systems. Always be ready to trade.