Portfolio management systems are data hubs, importing data from a variety of different custodians and pricing services; they can exchange data with other financial software in your office and online. Imports run as background processes that you can monitor in the process manager.

FinFolio has numerous power tools that aren't found in other systems. You can use the Management Console to import data from a command line. Or use the Import Manager to view which data was created from which import file. Deal with import issues surgically by backing out all data associated with a particular file.


FinFolio supports all major custodians and many smaller mutual funds, clearing firms and trust companies. See a full list here.

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FinFolio analyzes your data as it is imported or keyed into your system. It compares your most recent share balances to the custodial share balances, just like most other reconciliation systems. But we also uncover problems lurking in your historical transactions. Those errors are found when the data enters the system, and are presented for analysis.

This system of interlocking checks and balances ensures the accuracy of your data. Once you start using FinFolio, you will be astonished at the problems you uncover in your transaction history and you'll forget how you ever managed your accounts without it.

There is a lot to keep track of when you sign a new client. FinFolio gives you the tools to track all new accounts and ensure your new client's initial experience with your firm is flawless. Ensure that each folio has a model and fee schedule, all clients are added to households, and asset classes and sectors are assigned. Nothing will ever slip through the cracks.


You will be using the same tools that FinFolio's outsourcing group uses to manage data. 

  • The Auto Recon Wizard lets you globally fix common import problems like missing the final closing transaction. 

  • The properties window makes bulk changes across many records at once.

  • Corporate Actions Wizards fill in missing information from your custodian, add cost information to splits, process mergers and acquisitions, or add missing ex-date information to your dividends.