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We know how scary it sounds to switch portfolio management vendors. How can they possibly convert my years of data into new software? Don't worry, this is what we do.

FinFolio will convert your data, including all your transactions and all your prices. You won't be limited to historical values and rates of return; run any FinFolio report back to when you started using your prior system. Trust us, your conversion will be easy compared to some of the ones we've handled.

Don't see your system? Or using something custom? We can convert from home-grown systems or spreadsheets too.


Switching to a new portfolio management system can be difficult. Having FinFolio manage the process ensures a smooth transition. Our implementation team delivers a steady stream of successes. 

Our implementation process starts with an all-hands kickoff meeting, where we define overall goals, create a timeline, and agree on a project plan. We assign a FinFolio project manager who will be responsible for coordinating your implementation. This project manager oversees the initial installation and configuration of the software.

If you are converting from another portfolio management vendor, we convert your data. If you have any custom reports, screens or other modules they are built in parallel with the data conversion. When the conversion and any custom development is complete, you will have a working portfolio management system.

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FinFolio was founded by software developers and our software is the ultimate customization tool. Our team has written custom custodial interfaces, done custom data conversions and created countless reports. We have built interfaces with CRM systems, trading software and other systems. You can create custom output modules, allowing you to print client reports to third-party client portals and document management systems.

This is our specialty. If you have a special need or out-of-the-box request, please contact us.

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With larger installations, on-site training will be part of your implementation process, with training that has been customized around your firm's processes. You also have access to our comprehensive video training library. 

FinFolio has traditional forms of user documentation like on-screen help and pressing F1 from anywhere in the software. All ribbon buttons have hover-text that explain their purpose and there are friendly information icons scattered through the screens that give you drill-down information on tasks and fields.