FinFolio was built to run in the cloud, and is multi-tier distributed software. Host it yourself or use a cloud provider of your choice like Amazon AWS or Rackspace. For larger firms, FinFolio can be installed with redundant hardware on each tier, allowing easy scaling on physical or virtualized hardware.
Maintain your flexibility and independence by using software that is clearly separated from your hosting model.

  • Just you and an assistant? Do it yourself and save money.
  • Fast growing firm with hundreds of millions in assets? Outsource and focus on growth.
  • Billions in AUM and differentiating yourself from competitors? Move everything in-house and customize.

Easily move back and forth between models as the needs of your firm change.

This is the app your advisors and reps will live in. All day, every day. They will see your firm colors and logo, main page graphics and other branding. The user experience of your everyday software will be a selling point to new reps and help you retain your key producers.


Use segmented logins for different branches, sub-branches, advisors and brokers in your firm; each login sees only the data you want them to see. The flexible grouping and management structure matches the real reporting hierarchy in your firm. No "extra levels" or "missing tiers". 

Set rights on specific software functionality (like rebalancing or importing) for different users. FinFolio uses Microsoft Active Directory for security, letting you re-use your existing network logins and groups.