Create standardized fee schedules that specify billing tiers, flat fees, aggregation and discount rates. Segment your fees by asset class, sector, sleeve or other classification. Specify whether the fee should be assessed in advance or arrears, and assign fee schedules at the household, client, portfolio or account level.

After fees are calculated, you can generate invoices as part of your quarterly report package or as a stand-alone report. Invoices can be printed and mailed, or e-mailed to clients. Export fees to CSV files for import into your accounting system.




Billing doesn't stop when the fee is debited. Fees must be distributed to the managers, referral sources and other people in your firm. FinFolio lets you create manager payout schedules that allocate different percentages of the fee to different organizational roles.

Attach a payout schedule to each household, client, portfolio or account, then place a specific individual in each of the schedule's roles. These payout schedules are used to to break each debited fee out into payments to specific individuals.