FinFolio has many default dashboards to quickly show you important aspects of your practice. Here are just a few:

  • Bond Maturity
  • Calculation Analysis
  • Daily Return Analysis
  • Firm Demographics
  • Option Expiration
  • Security Cross-Reference
  • Top Holdings
  • Transactions Cross-Account 



Build your own dashboards by dragging components from the component library. Select from hundreds of pre-configured charts and tables to quickly create reports that reflect the things you care about. Keep them for personal use or publish them to your entire firm.

Most components let you drill in to see more data. FinFolio makes it easy to create interactive dashboards that show different levels of analysis. Configure your dashboard to have one or many sections, with multiple types of data.


Too often diagrams rely solely on one type of data or stay at one level of analysis.

Edward R. Tufte,
author of Beautiful Evidence