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Portfolio management software naturally acts as a hub for a wealth management back office. FinFolio connects to a wide variety of other systems to facilitate this--custodians, rebalancing software, cloud document providers and more. We recently added a new section to our web site to highlight these integrations. It's hard to believe how many links into FinFolio we have built over the last few years.

All of the integrations on the list have been built by FinFolio software developers. But we recently created an internal tool that allows non-developers to write newer integrations, namely custodial interfaces. Now we have select people on the support team writing new integrations, which is a welcome change since the pace has been picking up.

If you are evaluating FinFolio for purchase, don't worry if your custodian is not on the list. We add interfaces all the time, usually at the behest of a new client. We don't charge for the development work and will be happy to add your custodians or software to our stable of integrations.

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