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Read & Write REST API for Portfolio Management Software Data

Portfolio management software normalizes and consolidates all of your investment account information into one place. This naturally leads to users wanting to access this data programmatically, repurposing it to different services, and making changes to the data from other tools.

I am happy to announce that V2 of our REST API, currently in testing, allows users to read *and write* data. Investment advisers with in-house developers now have a solid portfolio management engine that can be accessed through a modern API.

Technically sophisticated adviser firms can build their own applications using FinFolio as the engine, hosted by FinFolio or installed behind your firewall. Developers can do data manipulation, synchronize with in-house systems, create pending trades, add transactions, and much more.

The documentation is built right into the REST API, which is interactive, allowing users to build queries and test interactions before they start building apps. Our own developers use the API documentation regularly when building internal tools.


Give us a shout if you are a developer--we can give you an API key so you can try it out yourself.  We are developers ourselves and love to learn how people extend FinFolio.

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