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Rebalancing, Trading and FIX added to REST API

Trading is one part of the back office where advisers sweat the details. Over my years in the industry, it is the second-most common area to have customization requests (#1 being client reports). Every trading system in the industry has different limitations, including FinFolio.

FinFolio is happy to announce we have exposed the entire trading workflow in our REST API. This gives technology-savvy wealth managers the ultimate tool for tweaking the trading process. Everything you can do from our software, you can now do programmatically. Rebalancing, security-level trading, FIX order management, tax lot harvesting--all of it available in the API.


FinFolio rebalancing supports multi-level models allowing you to trade asset classes and sectors. Break your household accounts into strategies, with each strategy having a different model. FinFolio supports model-of-models where multiple sub-models can be held within a single account.

Traditional trading functions are also available. Purchase or sell securities across many accounts at once, to certain percentages of the account or the security's asset class. Since trading and portfolio management calculations live in the same API, you can easily harvest gains and losses. 

Connect to the API to a FIX 4.2 endpoint (we help with this). Then use the blocking, trading and allocation endpoints to push trades through the FIX pipeline. Simple API endpoints wrap the complicated FIX processes, allowing you to focus on your trading logic.

I've talked a lot about our REST API in recent posts. The API is 1 of 2 major projects FinFolio is close to finishing. Expect some exciting announcements soon about how these projects fit into the overall path forward for FinFolio.

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