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Report Web Widget

FinFolio has released a web widget that exposes the entire FinFolio report library online. First build the widget, giving it a list of reports, default date range, and other specifics about how the reports should be run. Then insert the widget into another web site and viola--instant portfolio management reports.


The widget has been carefully designed to be placed on other web sites. All reports render in HTML using standard tags, not as PDF files. This means the widget and reports it creates will take on the look and feel of the site where it is placed. It will use the font, colors and other elements of the parent web site where it is hosted.

Rendering the reports as native HTML is extremely important in the modern web. It lets your clients experience the reports without the jarring experience of switching to Adobe Acrobat when they need to see financial information. That said, there is also a button that lets them open any report as a PDF with your firm's branding.

The widget will show any report in your library. If you build a new report in FinFolio with custom columns and other elements, it will be available to show in the report widget, just like our many stock reports. Decide which reports the user can see, exposing every report in the software or a smaller subset more appropriate for clients.


The widget builder lets you create the custom widget for use on your site. You can select which reports to show, the navigation style (top tabs, left tabs or stacked), and what folio types (household, account) to allow. You can also modify the default settings for most of the editable widget properties, like the default date range and currency.

If you want fine-grained control over the formatting of how the widget and reports look, you can edit the HTML template to rearrange the layout or add custom classes. You can also add CSS to the control that will override the CSS of the parent page. This probably won't be necessary but if it is, your web designer will thank you.


The widget was launched in the 1.71 release of FinFolio software and is available now. Please contact us if you would like to take a look or need help installing it in your website.

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