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RESTful API for Portfolio Management Calculations & Reports

Good portfolio management software is extensible, which means a REST API. The FinFolio portfolio management REST API has 100+ financial calculations, including rates of return and US tax calculations. It handles fixed income instruments, options, and other special asset types. Developers can work with raw JSON data or run preconfigured HTML and PDF reports.


The rate of return calculation is flexible, supporting time-weighted returns or dollar-weighted (internal) returns. Returns are GIPS compliant, but also support alternate calculation methods. Run them gross, net, or net-net of fees. Use beginning of day, end of day, or middle of day formulas and much more.

The tax engine supports many closing methods including LIFO, FIFO, Highest, Lowest, MinTax and more; or just specify specific lots to close against. It handles tricky situations like wash sales and constructive sales. You are not dependent on custodian cost, enter your own transactions and the API breaks them out into lots.

With our portfolio management REST API you can launch reports that were written in the main FinFolio software. Run reports to HTML suitable for inserting into another web page, with standard <h1>, <p>, and <table> tags where appropriate. Or run reports to PDF with your own theme and logo, identical to the reports from the main FinFolio software.

If you are building a client portal or wealth management app, you will want to build your own screens. The API offers access to raw calculations--call a generic calculation API with filters, multi-level groupers, and many calculations in a single API call. This saves time with fewer round trips, data loads, and server load. The calculation results are returned in standard, well-structured JSON ready to be inserted into your own HTML.

As I've mentioned before, the REST API is interactive, allowing developers to build queries and test interactions before they start building apps. It is well-documented and built on a mature, well-tested codebase. The code used by the API is the same code used by the FinFolio software. Check it out today!

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