Assets & Revenue is our most popular dashboard. It shows assets, revenue, and new/lost business in both table and chart form. It can show this data over various time periods for different business segments, including by:

  • Account Type or Size
  • Client Age, Net Worth, or Tenure
  • Fee Schedule
  • Household Net Worth, or Tenure
  • Investment Strategy
  • Rep/Manger
  • State or Country




Much of portfolio management comes down to lists and reports. With FinFolio you can customize any data view by adding and removing columns and changing groups and sort orders. Add any calculation, like rates of return, cost information, or trading alert columns.

Pivot columns let you add a calculation, then pivot it horizontally, showing drill-down information on the same row. Show rates of return by asset class for each account row, or gain exposure by sector. Any calculation can be pivoted on any grouping to show details at a glance.

We make it easy to create new dashboards or simply spice up your existing views with charts. Add top-level charts that show you information across your entire firm. Or add drill-down charts that let you select something on a main list, and show details for that item.

FinFolio has a large library of chart types with many variations and color palettes. Pull almost any information from the database and present it in the form that makes the most sense.


Comparisons must be enforced within the scope of the eyespan, a fundamental point occasionally forgotten in practice.”

Edward R. Tufte,
author of Beautiful Evidence