While FinFolio isn't a full CRM (customer relationship management) system, we have several features that may make a CRM unnecessary. Unlimited custom fields let you build your own screens with user-defined information. Integrated notes allow you to track categorized histories on all folios and color-coded groups let you easily categorize entities.


Use the search bar to quickly find anything in your database. It searches across ticker symbols, account numbers, names and more to find everything that could match your search term. Use the Search ribbon to build powerful dynamic queries with our search language.

When you print reports and run your daily imports, these tasks run in the background and can be seen on the status monitor. While you're waiting, you can navigate through the software, edit data, or kick off additional print and import jobs. Send it multiple jobs and it works on one at a time, moving on to the next job in the stack as each one is completed. You can do your daily imports at the same time your quarterly reports are printing--without locking up the software.