Start with any of the FinFolio trading tools, like the trade and rebalance wizards, and create trades at the subaccount level. Then block those trades into larger working blocks that can be split across executing brokers.

Those trade blocks can be worked via phone and fax using trade tickets, but most users choose to send them electronically via the FIX network for automatic execution. On completion, the fills are allocated back out to the subaccounts.

FinFolio queries your real-time pricing provider to give you up to the minute (or second) pricing. All trading tools will initiate price queries automatically based on parameters you set. Prices are cached between queries and you can adjust the timing of the refreshes.

Real-time pricing is also integrated into views and reports. Market values can show current pricing across all of your accounts. Do a price refresh before running a client report, to show how a seconds-old pricing change has impacted gain, performance or other calculations.



Different clients have different investment preferences. Set security restrictions and minimum/maximum levels for each client. Monitor individual securities, sectors, asset classes, or other security classifications.