As countries become more interconnected, clients expect their investments to reach more shores. FinFolio tracks all accounts in their native currency and can use different currencies at report time. You can use multiple currencies when building custom reports. If you need multi-currency portfolio management software then FinFolio will readily meet your needs.


Allocate specific cost lots or use automatic allocation methods at the account or transaction level. Automatic methods include LIFO, FIFO, Highest, Lowest, MinTax, Tax Efficient, and Average. FinFolio effortlessly handles splits, spinoffs, mergers, margin trades, short positions, and other tricky tax situations. FinFolio will also automatically detect wash sales, constructive sales and straddles. 

Not only track long and short term gain, but also gain from collectibles, qualified small business stock, SSBIC, Section 1256 gain, and unrecaptured 1250 gain. It automatically determines whether dividends are qualified, treating non-qualified dividends as ordinary income rather than short term capital gains.

You can specify a specific accounting country and the multi-currency cost engine will adjust to match that country's tax laws. FinFolio will modify usage of long or short term gains, or recognizes wash and constructive sales based on the country in which each account pays taxes.




Calculate dollar-weighted (IRR) and time-weighted (TWR) returns that are GIPS and AIMR compliant. Compare portfolio performance to benchmarks at multiple levels, including asset, class and sector. Performance can be reported before/after fees, sales charges or estimated taxes, and fees can be accrued over the billing period.

FinFolio does multi-currency portfolio management, and is sensitive to the currency of the account securities, recognizing changes in fx rates and raising or lowering the return as appropriate. Precalculate and store performance or run it point-to-point for any date range.

Users can create GIPS-compliant composites of your portfolios for marketing purposes. Specify an overall filter for each composite, allowing you to easily add and remove accounts based on consistent criteria.