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Portfolio management software naturally acts as a hub for a wealth management back office. FinFolio connects to a wide variety of other systems to facilitate this--custodians, rebalancing software, cloud document providers and more. We recently added a new section to our web site to highlight these integrations. It's hard to believe how many links into FinFolio we have built over the last few years.

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Using REST API data in Microsoft Excel

I just blogged about our REST API, an easily accessible way to generate web queries that securely share your FinFolio data with other web sites and applications. This posted generated many questions along the lines of "what specifically can I do with this data".

One way to use the data is with Microsoft Excel. Excel lets you extend FinFolio by using its powerful suite of tools; once the data is in Excel, you can build on it by using formulas, pivot tables, and other standard Excel functionality.

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FinFolio Releases REST API

Our most recent release includes a REST API in the client portal. This is a special kind of web site that allows developers and power users to easily interact with the FinFolio data and reports. It allows advisers to extend, connect and build on FinFolio in exciting new ways.

Specifically, this allows things like the following:

  • Mobile websites can access FinFolio data from JavaScript
  • Display FinFolio data and report HTML on websites
  • Applications written in any language can interact with FinFolio data
  • Access FinFolio lists and calculations from Excel and 3rd party report writers
  • Pull calculations and lists into internal dashboards
Topics: Development

New Web Site Launched

We have just launched our new site. In addition to a nice new look and feel, we have updated the product descriptions with all the new portfolio management software features we have added recently. Did you know that FinFolio now has rebalancing and a mobile-ready client portal?

The layout is cleaner and better suited for tying to online marketing. Please bear with us while we move (6) years of blog posts over.