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Read & Write REST API for Portfolio Management Software Data

Portfolio management software normalizes and consolidates all of your investment account information into one place. This naturally leads to users wanting to access this data programmatically, repurposing it to different services, and making changes to the data from other tools.

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Client Portal V2

Today we launch the next generation of FinFolio's client portal. It has numerous improvements over the old portal.


The FinFolio client portal is your online interface with your clients. You can exchange documents with them in the secure document vault, including your quarterly reports which avoids printing costs. Give clients live access to any FinFolio report, allowing them to self-service many information requests, further reducing your support burden.

Every element of your client portal is customizable. You can remove access to certain functionality or add new functionality like blogs and informational pages. Your portal will be customized with your fonts, graphics and other branding.

Topics: Development

Report Web Widget

FinFolio has released a web widget that exposes the entire FinFolio report library online. First build the widget, giving it a list of reports, default date range, and other specifics about how the reports should be run. Then insert the widget into another web site and viola--instant portfolio management reports.

The widget has been carefully designed to be placed on other web sites. All reports render in HTML using standard tags, not as PDF files. This means the widget and reports it creates will take on the look and feel of the site where it is placed. It will use the font, colors and other elements of the parent web site where it is hosted.

Rendering the reports as native HTML is extremely important in the modern web. It lets your clients experience the reports without the jarring experience of switching to Adobe Acrobat when they need to see financial information. That said, there is also a button that lets them open any report as a PDF with your firm's branding.

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Portfolio management software naturally acts as a hub for a wealth management back office. FinFolio connects to a wide variety of other systems to facilitate this--custodians, rebalancing software, cloud document providers and more. We recently added a new section to our web site to highlight these integrations. It's hard to believe how many links into FinFolio we have built over the last few years.

Topics: Development Integration