FinFolio launches live chat in the client portal via integration with FreshChat

Your clients are getting younger and younger, and they expect you to support them in more and more mediums. Chatting on a computer or mobile device is more convenient for your customers, and it saves you money when one employee can monitor multiple chats at once.

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Clients can book appointments directly on your calendar via an integration with Calendly

You can now eliminate the back and forth of meeting scheduling, putting the power to book meetings in the hands of your clients. Meetings sync to your Google or Office 365 calendar so clients can always see your up-to-date availability.

FinFolio does this via an integration with Calendly, which works with your calendar to automate appointment scheduling. This integration makes it even easier to access and share your event types & meetings. Choosing available times for ad hoc meetings and sending them as a one-click booking experience has never been easier.

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FinFolio custom fields now with auto-calculations

FinFolio has had the ability to allow adding custom fields to households, clients, accounts and securities. You can build extensions onto the edit screens that show these fields. You can show these fields on screens and custom dashboards. You can import into these fields from spreadsheets and other external sources.

Custom fields are powerful and let you customize FinFolio for use with your firm. They add a CRM element to usage, allowing you to track ancillary information that is important to your firm. Do you cater to veterans? Add military information. Do you sell 401K's to airline pilots? Add a retirement date field so you know when to pitch them on expanding your service.

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Surprise! Just added 80+ integrations with CRM and other contact apps

Do you ever get frustrated because it is so hard to break out of the small ecosystem of wealth management technology? There are so many interesting best-of-breed apps available that are closed off to financial advisers, because they don't integrate with our current apps. This is a somewhat unique problem to wealth management professionals, due to the proportionally smaller number of users in our market segment.

FinFolio has integrated with a new service called PieSync. It synchronizes client data back and forth between FinFolio and 80+ other apps. For wealth managers who may feel limited in the types of apps they can use for their business, this opens the door into a new world of mainstream CRM and productivity software.

  • Want your client list in your android phone? We now sync with Google Contacts.
  • Considering a cutting-edge sales CRM to boost leads? We now integrate with PipeDrive and
  • Using a more traditional CRM? We have SalesForce and Office 365.
  • Interested in hosting your website in a SEO tool like Hubspot? Got it.
  • Want to experiment with email lists? Sync with MailChimp.
  • Send an annual client survey? Try SurveyMonkey.
  • Doing your financials with Xero or Quickbooks? Eliminate duplicate data entry between FinFolio and your accounting software.
  • Anything I missed? There are many, many more.
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